The Chalet Orcia way of life

Listen to the heartbeat
of nature

You are walking on a hiking path, your camera is hanging around your neck heavily

Birds of many varieties are singing happily in the surrounding forest. You can smell the perfume of humide fern and dried leaves.

Just after a bend, a wonderfull range of golden colors dazzles you : the setting sun is reflecting in an orange-pink sky, the majestic trees are wearing their yellow-brown leaves and the river singing in the valley seems to be of gold.

You are about to make a beautiful picture. 

Continue the experience

A Daily exhibition from December 16th 2017 to March 18th 2018
at Le Palais in Megève

Son and grandson of megevans photographers, Olivier Tops has travelled the world in search of « decisive moments » to shoot. He has been developing different techniques such as Nailshading, Textportrait, Smart Art to express his talent. 

This 60 original pieces exhibition is an invitation to be immerse in a diversified and original artistic universe.

For further information about the exhibition :!/fiche/olivier-tops-exhibition-4825091

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From December 16th 2017 to March 18th2018

Daily between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM

Le Palais
247 route du Palais des Sports  74120 Megève

04 50 21 27 28