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The sun is shinning and warming you up as you are walking in the deep snow.

Your cheeks are almost prickling and you are panting for breath but you are getting more excited as you are climbing up to the sound of the musicians.

One last effort and… Wow ! An orchestra is playing in a wonderfull set of mountains : the warm sun, the cold snow, the echo, everything is heightening your senses.

This concert is going to be fantastic… An other unique experience thanks to the Chalet Orcia.

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100 musicians and artists in Megève

30th March to 1st April 2018

Among these artists, Norah Jones, Marcus Miller and Gregory Porter.

Megève’s jazz festival is based on an original concept :

  • During the daytime : concerts on the ski slopes and groups roaming through the village streets.
  • At nightfall : concerts with internationally renowned artists.
  • In the middle of the night : after-parties where the musicians give their all in wild, frenzied jam sessions.

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