The Orcia Chalet & Spa way of life

Live exciting experiences

Your favorite equipment is ready for you in the skiroom of the Chalet Orcia. Everything is under control, you just have to enjoy the moment.

You open the door and feel the typical invigorating fresh air on your face.

The sun is shining and warming your cheeks.

Your heart starts beating…. It’s time to play on the powdery snow sky slope.

You are going faster and faster, the wind is blowing on your face, your entire body is almost flying. Your legs are flexible, you are slaloming around the trees with ease.

You feel younger. What an exciting feeling !

Full of confidence and satisfaction, tomorrow you will try paragliding.

Continue the experience

RideOn ski googles :
the world’s first augmented reality ski goggles

Devopped by an Isareli company, the RideOn ski googles look like traditional ski goggles but they integrate a display, which superimposes additional information, on your visor , between your eye and the slope.

This innovative technology not only improves the vision on the slopes, but it also gives you access at a glance to different options and features such as temperature, altitude, battery, wind direction, speed, and also three additional menus.  

You can have fun in the downhill by playing a game where you will have to collect virual points and compare your scores with your friends.  

You can also send and reply to your messages, share your feats in live thanks to an HD camera similar to GoPro.

A GPS is also integrated into your ski goggles.

The battery of the galsses can give 6-8 hours autonomy : the perfect time to have a good day on the ski slopes.